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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  January 12, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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>> tears and frustration tonight as friends and family mourn the 4 men shot and killed in san francisco haze valley. >> many demanding justice while others simply want the veils to stop. good evening i'm dan ashley. >> i'm amma. tonight march was attended by san francisco police chief. >> cornell is in the newsroom with the story tonight. cornell. >> raw emotion and grief in. candle light vigil to remember 4 young men and police are searching for suspects. >> about 100 people march into the streets of haze valley lacking for justice in the killings of 4 young men.
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group marched where men in the early 20's were gunned down. >> the only reason why we you nature is because of death. i want to break down rate now. my only brother. >>reporter: police say the victims were parked in a stolen car when they were shot at close range. 3 gang ties. police have no suspects. at earlier prayer vigil this appeal was made by the chief. >> this one i'm sorry. somebody know whose did it please come forward. >>reporter: madrid johnson lost his nephew 22-year-old manuel 0neal. his third nephew killed by gun violence. >> didn't have a chance to really do the things that he wanted to do. he aspired to be a lot of things. grit at sports. he worked in catering and he also did some construction. >>reporter: police are stepping up patrols in the enabled. trying to head off more violence. in san francisco,
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more violence. in san francisco, cornell bernard abc 7 news. >> tonight bay area doctor is facing child pornography charges. police say he had hundreds of images of children in sex acts on his computer. and alan is live at the doctor office in pittsburgh tonight with the story. alan? >> this is where dr. russell practices internal medicine but when i called here earlier today the receptionist told me he was not in the office because he retired abruptly last week. last week dr. last week. last week dr. russell was arrested on january seventh at his brentwood home. that's where the contra costa county internet crimes against children task force says they found more than 600 images and videos of child important nothing refuse on his computer. they say they tracked dr. russell excessive down loading activity to his home address where he lives with his wife. next door neighbor saw the arrest. >> i woke newspaper the morning it was just a lot of cops on the street. that's
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not normal. pretty quiet neighborhood. nice area. >>reporter: district attorney says there's no evidence the 74-year-old doctor committed any caims against his patients or minors. dr. russell posted 150000 dollars bail. he's scheduled to be arraigned on march second and he faces a maximum of 5 years in prison. reporting leif in pittsburgh, abc 7 news. >> thank you alan. >> on alert tonight in paris. 10,000 troops on patrol in an effort to prevent any further terror attacks. newspaper targeted by terrorists charlie is releasing a new issue. featuring a cartoon of a tearful mohammad holding a sign reading, i am charlie. there is new information about one of the gun men in that attack. he reportedly attended school in yemen with the underwear bomber. machine behind the failed 2009 terror plot on detroit bound flight. and take a look at newly released image from the french
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gas station where the terror suspects were spotted last week after the attack. man with rocket launcher. they were killed during a police raid on friday. there is now an app that allow users to show solidarity for charlie. apple approved thisism phone app. process that usually takes two week. app creator personally e mailed ceo tim cook to get the app bumped to the top of the list. it show map of nearby supporters of the satire magazine. >> well water went everywhere after construction crew topple the fire hydrant in downtown san francisco. viewers shared the video with us. as you can see the water rose 2 stories before the street outside the apple store at stack ton and ellis. soggy mishap happened next to the construction zone for the union square station on muni spral subway lines. fire department shut off the hydrant. >> hade ward man faces citation and won't be driving
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cherry red mustang for awhile. he took part in a side show that shut down interstate 8 80. look at you tube video of yesterday side show near oakland coliseum. the chp received reports of cars doing do newton 8 80 shutting down the freeway for about 10 minutes. they were spinning do nut and things like that on the freeway. we sent officers down there one officer was responding on the south bound side he was reporting he was getting struck by rock in the patrol car. >>reporter: chp says some people at the side show claimed they were shooting a rap video. there were no arrest but the driver of the red mustang gt was cited for reckless driving. car impounded for 30 days. >> some politic. state attorney general harris is running for u.s. senator. harris will make announcement tomorrow. she's first candidate to enter the 2016 race. harris previously served as san francisco district attorney before being elected attorney general 5 years ago. one political
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expert believes that harris run for the senate will energize women and minority voters. >> maybe instead of the horrible voter turn out that we had of 36 percent in 2014 i think she would get people out to vote. >> harris seek to go replace box who are announce thundershowers she will not seek a fifth term. >> and you can scratch lieutenant governor newsom off the list of potential candidate. he write that is he's humble by the encouragement to run but i know my head and heart and young him ifly future and our unfinished work all remain firmly in the state of california, not washington, d.c. it's widely believed newsom plans to run for governor in 2018. local and tourist won't be able to visit san francisco coyote tower again tomorrow because of a commercial shoot using a drone. live look at coyote tower on telegraph hill tonight. tomorrow closure also includes pie near park around the tower. the group protects coyote tower shot the
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images of the drone. advertising agency is paying the city 1500 dollars to shoot at coyote tower. faa rules require the public to be kept 200 feet away from commercial drones. >> trapped in a smoke filled tunnel coming up next on 7 news. the terrifying ordeal for subway ride nirs washington, d.c. today. dramatic cell phone video from the platform. >> plus plenty of leg room on this flight. airline passenger who almost found himself flying the friendly could i skies alone. >> by women for women. new dating site started by 3 local sisters helping others find mr. wright. >> i'm abc 7 news sandhya live doppler 7hd dragging fog morning commute but is it tracking rain this week. i'll be back at as a ausiness ner, you kind of are at work all the time. i'm driving all over the place climbing up ladders. accidents happen all the time. i need to take care of myself, as well as take care of my business. and now i can do both, with health coverage.
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announcing. one woman died and 83 others went to the hospital after washington, d.c. subway train filled with smoke. the commuter shot this video of the metro tunnel. dozens of riders trapped in the train cars until they could be evacuated. investigators think electrical arcing involving the third rail is what caused all of this. santa rosa man and climbing partner closing in on the conquest to scale el capitan in yosemite. after falling behind jorgeen sen reached his partner caldwell of colorado. they are the first in the world to complete the climb on the dawn wall. >> health officials report 7 new measles case connected to disneyland and california adventure. new cases bring the total to 26 now. most of the patients visited the southern california park between december 15th through the 20th. disney we remind you is the parent company of abc 7. >> jan is reported to be the busiest month of the year for on line dating. as millions
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of people resolve to find love in the new year. dating sites use all sorts of different form la but almost all have one thing in common. designed by men. now 3 bay area sisters are shaking things up with the dating app designed by women for women. we all know single scene can be brutal. that's why an estimated 50 million americans have signed up for on line dating in the past three years dating in the past three years. for a lot of women it just doesn't work. >> it was so hard to meet normal guys. >> that's why they decided to create their own dating service called coffee meet bagel crafted to appeal to women. the company in san francisco is two years old and growing quickly. last week the sisters were on the abc show shark tank where in investigator mark cuban made them the biggest offer in the show history. >> if i offer you 30 million dollars for the company would you take it. >> no.
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>> the sisters are so confident in the product they walked away from 30 million dollars. >> it's growing as big as do you know how much revenue they generate 800 million a year. >>reporter: coffee meets bagel is a mobile dating app with a key difference. >> most of them it's all about serving as many pictures and option as possible. and men love lacking at photo of women so they love the choices. they browse. endless photo it's fine. for women you necessity most of us want something more meaningful. >>reporter: instead of quantity this site promises quality. it takes just a minute to register with no long questionnaires. instead you sign up through facebook. then the site uses your face book information to determine your preferences and match you with friends of friends. she first trade it more than a year ago. >> being connected with someone that has friends in common seemed a little less
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scary at any regular on line dating. >>reporter: you get one match per day with 24 hours to decide whether you want to be introduced. if both say yes, introduced. if both say yes, you are connected for a chat. >> when we actually give you a match who is a friend of a friend there is actually 47 percent more likely chance that the match, the introduction will result in mutual like. >>reporter: basic service is free but you can pay for extra features. everything is designed to appeal to women but men are signing up too. >> there is a saying out there that if once you attract women, men will l follow. that is totally true. >>reporter: one of those men is jay praichlt you look forward to who do i get matched with then you are able to have this really is in dialogue with them and make the decision as to whether you want to meet up with the person. >>reporter: that's how jay met alisa and after a year dating. >> we are engaged. >>reporter: the sisters report the site made more than 20 million matches with 10,000
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couple in relationship and about 80 couple engaged or married. as for turning down the offer from the sharks, no regret. >> who know if his we had the guys maybe it could have been different but at the end of the day i think we are doing very well without those guys. >> good luck. fivrjs without the shark tank money just being on the show last friday was a big boost. coffee meet bagel report a big surge in sign up for the app which is available for both android and i phones. >> they were great on shark tank. they met as small children when they served as flower girl and ring bearer at wedding now they have said i do as bride and groom. here they are. way back when. britney husband and briggs fuss were pint sizes pwridal attendant 20 years ago aren't they cute. fast forward. this is how the 22-year-old look when they exchange vow in minnesota. the pair met again in high school and realized they had been in the same wedding years earlier.
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eventually started dating and this past weekend well they walked down the aisle again. >> that is sweet. >> brooklyn man boarded a cleveland to new york flight today and discovered he was the only passenger on the plane. chris o'leary learned all other passengers were booked on other flights because of delays. he says it was one of his most memorable flights. no screaming pwaex. nobody reclining the seat or taking off the shoes. although it seemed like he was get to go fly home solo the plane did end up going back to the gate one last time to pick up a second passenger. airline will frequently cancel a flight with so few passengers unless the plane is needed in the destination city. >> which it must have been. >> all the peanut and. >> i like it. >> let's talk about the weather forecast. very is in out there. >> it certainly was. sandhya is here. >> look at the fabulous sunset. >> is that gorgeous or what. yes. i she the view from the east bay hills camera. sundown at 5:12 tonight and
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the high clouds coming in really the after glow of the sunset was incredible. of course the haze the spare the air alert is in effect right now but the haze from the air pollution added to the color. we are not expecting a spare the air tomorrow which is of course good news. here's what you need to look out for. live doppler 7 hd watching some fog developing and visibility is dropping in some parts of the bay area. 8 miles half moon bay overcast skies in the morning. temperature in the 40's and the 50's. beautiful view from the exploratorium camera. forecast foggy areas again in the morning. mild pattern for the work week and weekend rain about don't want to say this but i have to tell you unlikely now. you will see why here in just a moment. fog overnight tonight. may become dense in patches for tomorrow morning commute. a lot like this morning. sow will want to allow the extra time when you get going tomorrow to get to work or get the kids off to school. as
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you look at the pacific satellite picture couple of systems developing here. unfortunately they run into the high pressure ridge rae building. it's what we call blocking ridge and block the storms from getting here. really what does this mean for us. our long range forecast looking into the weekend is going dryer and dryer. so rain chance have faded going into martin luther king jr. day. tomorrow morning temperatures start out primarily in the 40's. 39 in nap need the extra thin layer to kind warm when you get going and watch out for the fog. tomorrow afternoon here are your high pressure. 63 san jose south bay. 64 los gatos. cupertino. a lot like today. temperatures in some areas may be down a few degrees. 63 redwood city. los altos on the peninsula. 61 half man basement plenty of sun downtown san francisco. daly city you are in the low 60's along with south san francisco and in the north bay these temperatures are not really january like. a little bit milder than normal. upper 50's near the coast. 63 santa rosa and napa novato out
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towards the east bay. 64 in oakland and hayward. castro valley. inland spots walnut creek san ramone livermore all in the low 60's. you will need the sun screen to. you will be able to breathe a little easier. don't have the spare the air alert but watch out for the fog during the morning commute as you take a look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast you will notice one thing being repeated over and over. that's the sun with the mild temperatures low to mid 60's. temperatures hovering above average for january but we do start to notice some changes. a little more cloud cover by friday. increasing it over this long holiday weekend. there is a slight chance. when i say slight i mean less than 20 percent chance that we'll actually see few showers in the north bay on sunday. >> slim and none. >> not good. just looks worse by the day. don't say anything larry. guaranteed he doesn't want to hear it. >> the not guaranteed. >> who aim to question. the
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at least publicly. >> no would i never not on television. no. but certainly l in the news room and wander back to the weather office. moving on. first ever college football play off did not disappoint. last team in. ends up winning the
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>> good evening. there was controversy when the college football play off committee decided to put ohio state into the final 4 and buckeye had the third string quarterback playing. they showed they belong. over powering oregon in the national championship game in dallas tonight. i tell what you this guy still washing off the body paint. duck brutus ready and so was marcus. opening possession. 7 yards. keenan lowe capping 11 play 75 yard drive in a flash. 7 nothing duck. defense had no answer for zeke elliott the sophomore with the third straight gym of 200 or more rushing yards. 33 there. 77. duck have h1n1 a couple of dropped passes. stanford
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wide open. would have been a 40 yard gain. duck punt. buckeye 46 yards in 4 play. jones to the nick at one yard. hey state up 14-7. 97 relicensing wish the lead. ohio state won despite 4 turn overs. unheard of. bad exchange between jones and elliott. oregon in the red zone. stuck on fourth and goal. the denied. 21-10 ohio state at the half. duck first possession. man from hawaii heather marshall and he is gone. 70 yards, 21-17. momentum on oregon side and freak play. jones winston like. loses the ball. fumble it. duck for cover. settle for field goal down 21-20. all buckeye from there. elliott running hard. 9 yards elliott running hard. 9 yards. zeke elliott for 2 46 and 4 touch downs. change my name to if zeke. he caps
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another long drive. hug from former teammate and current niner. from a-20 is the final. urban meier can that man coach. he and the buckeye national champ. >> this team wasn't supposed to do this but they fought through adversity. stronger and stronger stronger this is a great team. we finish the year a great team. 4 turn overs and still to be the beat a team like that. incredible experience. >> there's jim harbaugh new arch riffal. carrousel unexpected tuvrnlt what happened in denver might impact the 49e
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what have you done for me lately. john fox won 4 straight title and trip to the superbowl not good enough. broncos partway with fox. mane while staff members could end up coaching for the nippers and raiders. broncos defensive coordinator scheduled for second interview with the raiders tomorrow.
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argue up in hayward. head coach of the jacksonville jaguar. he's 51 family ties to the silver and black. in fact parents are season ticket holders and denver counter part may be the favorite to take over the 49ers who are desperate to find somebody to fix the offense. network reports the niners making a push to gates. don't know if the broncos will consider elevating gates in the wake of firing fox. so everything is up in the air all throughout league right now. >> thanks larry. >> 7 news continues now on line on twitter facebook and on all the local device with our 7 news app. >> next newscast at move it. the big. the massive. the "what-the-heck-is-that?" introducing the all-new ford f-150. its high-strength, military-grade, aluminum-alloy body makes it up to 700 pounds lighter. and with less of its own lard to move around, it can move more of yours.12,200 pounds. the most towing of any half-ton pickup.
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